Left Behind

What could I possibly cook for dinner? That’s what I was thinking about when I ran into Sonal a few yards from my front gate. My heart sank. Unnecessary conversations always drained me. Especially when they were with neighbors. The burden of knowing that the same dull scripts would be replayed over and over again. Neighborly visits had become a lot more frequent after my wife left me for a man who wasn’t a distinguished, balding schoolteacher like myself. Continue reading Left Behind

And Nothing But the Truth: Crime and Detective Magazine

I first came across this almost preternaturally insightful journal at the Jhansi railway station. I was making faces at a singularly hideous toddler when my eye suddenly caught a jumble of colourful headlines amid a newspaper vendor’s otherwise drab selection of titles. The words, splashed boldly near a picture of a darkly lipsticked woman with her chin held by a fiercely intent man (not clear whether she was about to receive a violent kiss or have root canal treatment), screamed for attention:
Continue reading And Nothing But the Truth: Crime and Detective Magazine

Madwoman’s Rampage

It was a still and balmy evening. The stars were out, the lamps were lit, and the barbecue was roasting. Soon the drinks were laid out on a tray, and sniffing good times in the air, a woman emerged to investigate. Large of build, lugubrious of bent, she drew a seat and then she cast her lascivious eye around. Her hair shone, her teeth gleamed, and her expensive red dress revealed her. Continue reading Madwoman’s Rampage

Brownie the Devil Cat

“Oh you are vile, vile, vile, disgusting. Stop staring at me you mangy, malevolent little beast,” screamed Dr Veena Sharma, assistant professor of English at a government college. Her 17-year-old daughter, alarmed, ran into the kitchen and put a steadying arm around her mother’s shoulders. “Mummy, he’s just a poor, hungry little cat.” Veena shrugged Manju’s arm off and spat: “Just look at his eyes, that evil, basilisk gaze. Oh he’s a rat in disguise and the disguise isn’t WORKING. Vile, vile.” Continue reading Brownie the Devil Cat

Money Plants

There was something odd, very odd, about Mr. R.K. Bansal, deputy editor. I knew it as soon as I joined Realty Realities magazine as the editor-in-chief. You should know that the publication has been around for several years, but its readership has so far been limited to mall developers and property dealers. I was hired to revamp the magazine and to make it palatable to the general house-buying population as well. A task I knew I’d accomplish better than anyone else could. Continue reading Money Plants