My two paragraphs of fame

I was ego-surfing the other day and discovered that an essay that I’d won a prize for back in my youth was published in a book — Branding India — by Amitabh Kant. In his book review, the editor of the American magazine Travel Weekly, Arnie Weissman, actually referred to my piece as “one of the most thought-provoking” elements in the tome. Needless to say I was extremely chuffed because truth be told, no one has ever said that I provoked any thought in them (I’m rarely provoked to do any thinking myself). My new best buddy Arnie quoted me at length too. And called me Singh — Shakespeare, Shaw, Singh. Oh baby. I am now a great thinker. Kiss my toes, give me some cake, and I may think some thoughts for you.  Here’s  the article:  Summer Reading

2 thoughts on “My two paragraphs of fame”

  1. Singh, your description of what travelers now look for when traveling is really insightful. Escaping the ordinary, but with a comfortable bed and clean bathroom. Hit the nail on the head.

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