Resist the Urge to Splurge

It’s fun to buy things on impulse, but overdoing it could lead to disaster. here are 10 fail-proof ways to control your spending.

By asavari singh
Photograph Laurence Dutton/Getty images

You walk into a department store to buy a pair of socks, but by the time you leave, you’re the proud owner of new stilettos, a pedicure kit, six shades of nail polish, a dustpan, a doll for your daughter, and an adorable teapot you saw on the way out and just had to have. Don’t get us wrong: we know life would be quite joyless without the occasional, completely unnecessary treat. But if your spending habits are eroding your bank balance and illing your home and closets with useless clutter, you may have a problem.

“We all buy things on impulse, but when it becomes a habit, it turns into a compulsion, something we find dificult to control,” says Dr Madhumati Singh, senior psychologist at the Samvedna Clinic, Delhi. “Many people use shopping the way others use drugs or alcohol: to feel better. Buying something gives them a quick boost. To sustain that ‘high’ they carry on overspending, but end up with more problems andregrets than before.” And it doesn’t matter how much money you have (the debt-ridden Michael Jackson is a case in point)—the more you get, the wilder your sprees will become. Fortunately, you can turn things around. Our everyday strategies will give you the tools to ight your urge to spend.

(Appeared in Better Homes and Gardens. All Images and Text are copyright)

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