Your kind of loving

The way you think and feel about love has a huge impact on the quality of your romantic relationships. Discover what makes you tick.

by Asavari Singh
Illustrations  Priya Kuriyan

For some, it’s dancing in the moonlight; for others, it’s epitomised by being able to be themselves, warts and all; still others think of it as a partnership, with contracts and clauses. Countless poems and ballads have asked the question: what is love? the answer, according to sociologist John alan Lee, depends on who is doing the loving. Based on research spanning several years, he argued that most people have one of six “love styles” (or a combination of them), which affects relationship satisfaction, intimacy, sex, commitment, and communication. since his 1973 book, “The Colours of Love”, was published, Lee’s work has continued to inspire researchers all over the world. Simply put, his typology holds water—even though love styles can change as you (or your relationship) do, your basic attitudes towards relationships stay fairly consistent.

(Appeared in Better Homes and Gardens. All Images and Text are copyright)

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